Growing Your Hair?

Before I started hairdressing I used to think that the advice given by hairdressers to get regular trim when you are growing your hair was a load of rubbish! It didn’t make sense, how does cutting your hair make it longer? It sounded like a sales pitch for the hair stylist to get me to…


Live & Let Dye’s Top Cafe’s List 2013!

Doesn’t it annoy you when you are hanging out for your morning coffee…wait in line for sometimes what seems like the whole day, pay half a days pay to get your daily caffeine fix only to walk out with a bitter tasting cup of gloop! The worst thing they could do to your morning ‘pick-me-up’…


Age Appropriate Hair? No Such Thing!

I recently read an article in Fashion Quarterly called ‘Hair and Now – Stylist advice on how to achieve flattering, modern hair”.  The first line of it said “Don’t let your hair date you”, something I thought sounded like good advice, until I read the second part, “Choose an age-appropriate look with these stylist tips.”…


Lipstick for Dummies.

A couple of weeks ago one of my clients asked me what lipstick I was wearing (MAC Russian Red, in case you were wondering). Being complimented on it gave me a bit of a fright because whenever I wear lipstick I feel equal amounts of success and dread. I wonder if I’m doing it right,…


Hair Rehab!

Sometimes, in your quest for perfect hair, things take a turn for the worst. We have quite a few performers and models come to us who, after years of hair torture with rollers and hot irons, have cried out for hair help! Whatever the cause, when your hair starts to feel more like straw or…


Styling Curls & Fighting the Frizz

Anyone with curly or wavy hair knows how much of a nightmare it can be to style. What start out as beautifully formed curls, slowly dries into a frizzy mess, leaving you running for the straighteners or a hair tie. However, with a little bit of help from us at Live & Let Dye and…


90’s Grunge Revival in 2013

Who remembers the 90’s…Nirvana, Friends, Drew Barrymore with daisy’s in her hair. A lot of my favourite music came out of the 90’s so I’m very excited that 90’s Grunge is making a comeback this year. Of course it will have an updated twist so we don’t all end up looking like Courtney Love but…


Static Era Music Video – “So Sore”

In 2012 we helped out friends ‘Static Era’ out with their music video. We did Emma’s here where she is wearing the green dress and also the drummer Dave Rhodes (ex Stylus) is a regular client.

Check out their website!


Live & Let Dye is ONE YEAR OLD in February!!! Here are a few special treats for our clients to celebrate being the big bad ONE year old! We will be updating these as we release more goodies for you all. EVERY WEEKDAY IN FEBRUARY!! Every weekday in February we will be having DOUBLE TROUBLE.…


Going Blonde

We get asked a LOT about what is involved in going blonde. Basically there are two ways in which we do this. There is the bleach & tone, which results in an overall bold blonde. The other way is highlights. Both have their pro’s and cons and there are a few things to consider before…